Matchbook Haiku by Jennifer Star

In Matchbook Haiku

Written and spoken
With power in the meaning
The touch of a word
~ * ~

What Readers are Saying...

"Using words sparingly, in the tradition of Haiku, Jennifer Star unveils treasures in everyday experiences. Her distinctly contemporary approach to this poetic form brings us to a new sense of inner knowing about familiar yet overlooked elements of daily life. The topics she explores are known to all of us - love, friendship, nature, creativity, aging and death - yet Jennifer's sense of awe and appreciation shed new light on what we might have missed. As a life-long fan of traditional Japanese Haiku, I was moved and inspired by this Western woman's fresh way of seeing through this form of word-making. The mini-books are artfully designed, with graphic details that set off the words with elegance and flair. Reading them in small pieces on busy days felt like a personal mini-retreat. Treat yourself to a helping of inspiration and beauty."
~ Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., author

"If you enjoy Haiku, Rumi, poetry of any kind really, or just drinking in beauty via the written word, this collection will quench your thirst. Turning every page, a gift; a glorious journey without having to walk a step! Thirst quenched for now; but planning to revisit this oasis time and again. Thank you, Jennifer for sharing in such a deeply uplifting and visually stimulating way."
~Aleia O’Reilly, founder of Further Shore

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