Matchbook Haiku by Jennifer Star

In Matchbook Haiku

The holding of space
Creating a container
That is filled with love
~ * ~
Trees in morning mist
Echoes of their true grandeur
Until sun doth shine
~ * ~
A map that does lead
To a place of creating
Is a route to take
~ * ~
Life, love, and good friends
The music of our heartstrings
'Til the last note's played
~ * ~

The Matchbook Haiku Story

The haiku poems contained within these handmade mini-books were born from a desire to intensify my focus on the small yet spectacular details inside ordinary life on earth.

The haiku format of 17 syllables (5-7-5) was the perfect foundation for my desire, providing a welcomed personal challenge to express daily observations in a few profound and meaningful words.

To create mini-books of haiku was the next logical step after publishing the larger, complete book - The Spectacular Within the Mundane: One Woman's Haiku Journey.

And thus, Matchbook Haiku came to be.

As you peruse the Matchbook Haiku mini-books website, I encourage readers to savor each little morsel of haiku shared here, allowing the larger meaning within the small amount of words to fill you up. And perhaps you will be inspired to aquire the mini-books for yourself or others from the haiku gift store.

Thanks for stopping by...

~Jennifer Star

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