Matchbook Haiku by Jennifer Star

Matchbook Haiku On Love

Matchbook Haiku On Nature

Matchbook Haiku On Awareness

Matchbook Haiku On Being


Matchbook Haiku by Jennifer Star

"These handmade mini-books are a lovely treasure. Like a Haiku itself, they appear to be spare and trim, yet this collection of gems stays with you long after the last pages are turned. Something to come back to, over and over again. Use them as an oracle or just savor the straightforward elegance. A keeper. Or, better yet - get two sets - one for yourself and one to give! A perfect gift."
~ Sally J. Smith, artist

Matchbook Haiku poems are adapted from the full version of
The Spectacular Within the Mundane: One Woman’s Haiku Journey
written, designed and published by Jennifer Star.